A Note on Dispensary

There are currently two recreational marijuana dispensary laws in Colorado Springs. The first, and the most strict, prohibits pot shops within 1 mile of any school, recreation facility or park. You may want to check out Dispensary for more. The second, which is much less strict, only prohibits recreational marijuana stores within a mile of a residence. Although, this may soon change, as Colorado Springs already has one recreational marijuana shop within its city limits.

Currently, the city of Boulder prohibits recreational marijuana sales, at least on the public sidewalk along Colfax Avenue. In July, the city council passed an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana sales, but will it go into effect until the November municipal election? If it does, then voters will have the opportunity to decide whether they want to legalize marijuana. Although, marijuana sales are still illegal in Colorado, many citizens who support legalization of cannabis are hoping that voters will decide to legalize it before the November elections.

Even though, marijuana edibles aren’t a huge success in Colorado, they still make up a great percentage of sales. The Denver area, in particular, is packed with pot-friendly restaurants, hotels, and even senior care facilities. There are only a select number of coffee shops and liquor stores that sell marijuana concentrates. These Denver locals choose to go all out when they consume marijuana, and they aren’t afraid to let people know about it. Whether you partake in recreational marijuana consumption, or you’re simply a fan of the great taste and quality of Colorado’s finest edibles, the state of Colorado has it all.

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