What Kinds Of Issues Can A Divorce Attorney Help You With

Do you have issues with your divorce settlement and want to contact a divorce attorney to help you resolve them? There are a number of things that must be agreed upon during a divorce, such as asset division and who will have custody of any children you may have. If you believe you have gotten the short end of any bargains made during the divorce, you might hire a divorce attorney to assist you marginally improve your situation. View it now Jensen Family Law – Mesa
Custody of the child
If you have children, you must come to an agreement on who will have custody of them. In most cases, the courts will rule in favour of the mother, but other variables such as the mother’s income and ability to raise the kid will influence the outcome. If you believe you can offer a better upbringing for your child but do not have custody, you can engage a top-notch family lawyer to help you obtain custody of your child.
Even if you don’t have custody of your child, you can negotiate a timesharing arrangement that allows you to spend a specific amount of time with him or her during the week. If you and your ex-partner are unable to work out a timesharing arrangement, you can hire a qualified family attorney to assist you in obtaining a timesharing agreement that you will be happy with.
Payments for child support
If you have custody of the child, you should expect your ex-partner to pay child support on a regular basis. If you believe the payments are insufficient, you can employ a lawyer to have them increased by presenting a case for why you believe they should be increased. A qualified lawyer will be able to present a compelling argument on your side, giving you a decent chance of getting what you desire.
Order of restraining
Do you believe your ex-partner is harassing you and causing you emotional distress as a result? Then you should employ a family lawyer to assist you in obtaining a restraining order against your former partner. Harassment should not be tolerated, which is why there are laws in place to protect you from it.
There are a lot of good divorce lawyers out there who can make the process of getting divorced a lot easier. If you don’t want to discuss the specifics of your divorce arrangement with your ex-partner, your lawyer can do it for you.