Virginia Beach Realtors – Guidelines

Real estate agency (referred to as Real Estate Agency) An individual or firm who offers property like sales, rentals, management, construction, and repairs. Also known as real estate agent. An agent in a real estate agency represents the seller, buyer, or lender. These agents usually need to be licensed by their states to do business and must abide by the Real Estate Administration Act. Interested readers can find more information about them at Virginia Beach Realtors .

Real estate exam (referred to as real estate exam) The requirements to become an agent in a specific agency, state or country. An agent in a specific agency can also be a general agent, a limited agent, a syndicate agent, a limited liability company, a corporation, or a sole proprietorship. General agent is the one who acts on behalf of the principal. Limited Liability Company is an entity which carries two signatures; one is the signer(s) and the other is the signal.

Real Estate Broker – A real estate agent who purchases, sells or rents real property for his principal. It is often considered as the intermediary between the principal and the buyers. It is necessary for this kind of agent to have a good knowledge about the laws and regulations of buying, selling and renting real property. They are also needed to have a good understanding about the financial and accounting aspects of the real estate market.