Native Sidewalk Repair – Insights

Sidewalk Repair and Transportation Services are a vital component of a complete Downtown Improvement Project (DIP). Sidewalks are one of the most used and treasured aspects of downtown Blue Springs. The City of Blue Springs is drafting a comprehensive sidewalk improvement and transportation plan to remedy current infrastructure repairs and metallurgical deficiencies to comply with federal ADA (Americans with disabilities act) compliance. The three-month comprehensive audit revealed that 83% of the entire City’s sidewalks will require some form of minor or major modification to meet ADA standards. This information will assist in the planning process for future enhancements and will also serve as a road map to help us achieve our goals and prevent obstacles along our roadways. click over here Native Sidewalk Repair

In addition to the numerous obstacles and hazards on our roadsides, sidewalks pose a unique set of challenges due to the fact that most of them are not tiered, have very limited access and are unoccupied for much of the day. This creates a unique set of challenges when it comes to meeting the routine maintenance requirements of a sidewalk repair job. Without the ability to tie-down a sidewalk, curb, gutter or other area of the sidewalk, any attempt at curb or gutter cleaning and other routine maintenance tasks is hindered. We all realize that in the case of sidewalks that are not in use, periodic maintenance and repairs are vital to the overall performance of the community. This is why the detailed three-month audit was so important in addressing the specific needs of the citizens of Blue Springs.

It is important to remember that the primary objective of a sidewalk repair or sidewalk replacement project is to improve the usability of the space for residents and visitors. Sidewalk replacement is not a decision to be made in a hurry nor should it be implemented if it does not meet the immediate needs of the project. The city has an established schedule for sidewalk maintenance and street paving projects that are in place. You should adhere to these guidelines to ensure your project is completed within the required time frame.