Garage door opener Guidelines

Garage door openers are designed to automatically open and close your garage doors, when they are closed. They do not require manual control, so are a good safety feature if you are the type of person who might leave their garage open for extended periods of time. Most garage door openers are controlled with switches on the garage wall, which lift the garage door up and down whenever you press a button. Some also contain a small handheld radio control carried by the everyday owner, that is used to open and shut the door from a very short distance. Interested readers can find more information about them at Garage door opener

Some models of garage door openers are operated using a combination of power supplied by the garage wall motor, a variable resistor and an IEE security lock (which detect and stop intruders). As the name suggests, an IEE security lock uses an electronic beam to detect the presence of a person or animal and stops the motor if there is one. It uses a low level laser beam to stop the motor and is only activated if someone is present within the range of the beam.

Most modern openers are available in three different types of horsepower: low, medium and high. A low horsepower garage door opener requires less electrical energy than some of the high-powered types, but it also has a shorter working life and is more prone to damage. It is generally a better choice to purchase an opener with a medium or high horsepower rating if it will be used frequently. The moderate horsepower garage door opener has less power, but is much easier to repair and maintain.