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If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to maintain a beautiful lawn, you may want to hire a lawn care service to come out and take care of the yard work for you. The cost of lawn care providers varies, but they all provide the same fundamental services.You may want to check out Norcross Lawn Care Companies for more. Lawn care businesses may provide a wide range of services, and the amount you pay will determine how much of the services you receive. As part of its many various services, a typical lawn care provider will include the following:


  • Mow the Grass: Having the grass on your property mowed is the most obvious reason for hiring a lawn care service. Unlike a traditional push lawn mower, lawn services typically use industrial-style riding lawn mowers that allow them to cut your grass in a short amount of time.
  • Weed Eat and Edge: Most lawn care providers will weed eat around the home and other fixed items on your property, such as trees and mailboxes, after the lawn has been mowed. They will then edge your driveway and pathways, cutting the excess overgrown grass away from the edge and providing a lovely straight cut look.
  • Blowing: After your lawn has been mowed and everything has been trimmed and edged, there are normally a lot of grass clippings on your road and sidewalks. Most lawn care providers will clear your driveway and any subsequent walks using an industrial leaf blower.

These three services are normally included with any lawn service business, but you can also pay extra for other services. These extras could include the following:

  • Fertilizing: Many lawn service providers will offer to fertilise your lawn at various times throughout the year. While this is typically an additional cost, it does assist to keep your grass looking its best all year.
  • Bush and Hedge Trimming: This is normally not included, but many lawn care providers will trim all of your bushes and any hedges on your property for an additional fee. This will offer your home a neat and tidy appearance.

Most lawn care businesses do not provide tree pruning, landscaping, or irrigation systems, but they will be able to recommend businesses if you require those services. While it is uncommon, you can locate a lawn care company that provides all of these services; however, these lawn care firms are usually a part of a bigger landscaping company.

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