Dermacare of Hampton Roads -Brief Notes

Medical spas, also known as mesas or medi-spas, aim to combine the expertise of a high-end day spa with some specific medical procedures typically done in a physician’s office. It is common for patients to be required to spend some time in the hospital after an initial visit to the day spa, although this is not always the case. In some cases, a patient may be required to spend a few days at the med spa before being released to home. Other times, it may take a few more days than this, depending upon the severity of the case. Find more information Dermacare of Hampton Roads

Medical spas are staffed by licensed dermatologists, or aestheticians, along with other members of the staff. Usually, a patient will have an initial consultation with a dermatologist who may request additional information prior to the actual start date of certain procedures. During the consult, the dermatologist and other staff will discuss the skin condition of the individual, which can include the severity of the condition, and what treatment options are available. It is not uncommon for some med spa clients to be asked to come back several times, depending upon their specific needs.

A final note: although most states allow private, non-profit organizations to operate “proprietaries” (which is essentially a department of a larger medical office), the regulations regarding the responsibilities of these spas is often less strict. Therefore, although most states do not specifically regulate the qualifications of these facilities, they do require that they receive oversight and approval by a physician and/or nurse practitioner. These physicians will be responsible for approving or rejecting any medical services provided at the spa. In the same vein, it is important to note that the certification of these physicians and/or nurse practitioners is not federally guaranteed, nor is their education. As such, before engaging in any activity that could potentially place your health at risk, it is important to engage the services of a licensed physician to conduct a thorough background check.