Become A Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

A career in the crime scene cleanup industry can be very rewarding and you have a lot of options available to you. One of the most popular choices is death cleaning. This is when a company will pick up any evidence left at the scene of a death so that it can be properly analyzed by scientists. They can also use the body fluids to test for poisons, blood, and other DNA samples that might be helpful to them in their investigation.You may want to check out Atlanta Crime Scene Cleaning Company for more.


Another option is called body removal. This is when crime scene cleaning crews will recover any body fluid or body tissue from the scene of a death and then remove it for testing and DNA analysis. The sample results can be compared to samples from a suspect so that they can get a DNA match. There are also crime scene cleaning crews that will clean up trauma scenes so that investigators can collect body fluid from the victims, clean up the area, and then transport the samples for testing. In some cases, body fluid cleanup teams are responsible for collecting dental material or other material such as jewelry to be tested by experts.

Another type of job that you may be interested in is a Crime Scene Cleanup Assistant. This is a position that is usually temporary and you will likely be cleaning up crime scenes while an agency representative is there to supervise you. You will basically be cleaning out a crime scene and then documenting everything you do. You will need to have good people skills, problem solving abilities, and be someone who is willing to work around different people and different smells because you will be working with detectives and other officials.

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