A Note on VinVerification

The VinVER technology notary public offers a non-intrusive way to protect against COPD and ensure the protection of one’s assets and income from potential liabilities that may arise from notarizing signatures. You may want to check out VinVerification for more. In the past, when a notary public was called upon to notarize documents such as deeds, mortgages or birth and death certificates, he or she had no choice but to administer the document by signing it in front of the notary public. This created a great deal of concern because the person performing the notarizing had no idea if there were any errors in the information that had been presented and thereby represented the signor as being less than honest with the information that was presented. Also, the person performing the notarization had no recourse for making corrections once the notarized documents had been recorded in the official register of deeds.

In today’s world, the use of a notary is not limited to the aforementioned documents; however, the use of a notary is still an important tool for creating document security. By developing a Vin Verify system, notaries can be more selective in notarizing documents. For example, a notary public can also perform vinverification on driving licenses, while keeping in mind that notaries generally are not allowed to notarize bankruptcy documents or court documents.

Currently, there are over 15 states that have passed legislation which allows a mobile notary signing agent the right to perform vinverification on behalf of the client. Currently, these notary signing agents are licensed by the states that allow the practice of mobile notary signing. So, whether or not you decide to utilize a mobile notary signing agent to provide you with vinverification services, you will need to consult your state law. In many cases, the statutes which apply to mobile notaries will be virtually the same as those which apply to traditional notaries who are employed by the county.

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