A note on Speed Clean Truck Wash

“When you see Speed Clean Truck Wash advertising, you want to see the big truck with the bright lights and the logo, right? Well, speed cleaning trucks do more than just shine when you drive through them. You may want to check out Speed Clean Truck Wash for more. With ELD’s a quick and efficient wash is important as a truck sat waiting on the side of the road can cost up to 300 hours a day that an Owner operator/driver can never get back. We are a complete state of the art truck wash facility with an eco-friendly undercarriage wash as well. We use automation to supplement our staff not replace them. Each washing bay has a hand scrubbing wash basin in the center giving us the ultimate clean.

“Speed Clean Truck Wash does more than just speed, we have the cleaning company, the employees and the equipment to make your car wash a pleasurable experience. We take care of all of your detailing requirements and more. We have a variety of services to meet the needs of any client. We do all types of detailing whether it be paint or interior car washing or even boat cleaning. You will also find us do specialty detailing including fiberglass and aluminum.”

“We provide a safe environment and a comfortable experience while doing a quality car wash. Our friendly and helpful staff provides customer satisfaction and creates a professional work environment. We are the trusted and largest franchised truck wash and auto detailing company in Idaho. The people at Speed Clean Grand Island are great at what they do and they are committed to exceeding customer expectations. Speed Clean Grand Island provides a complete range of detailing and auto washing solutions that is needed in the area.”